Becky Manley Pippert

Becky Pippert is recognized internationally as an author and speaker who, with her husband Dick, founded Salt Shaker Ministries, a global evangelism training ministry.

Described by the late American author Chuck Colson as one of "the liveliest and most effective communicators of the gospel in the world today", Becky's bestselling book Out of the Salt Shaker was named by Christianity Today as one of the books that has most influenced Christian thought in the past 50 years. Having taught, trained and equipped churches and university students across six continents, she has a unique global perspective on what it means to be an effective witness for Christ, and how to help new believers to grow in their faith. Her "seeker Bible studies" are being used by tens of thousands of people worldwide to introduce friends and family to the Lord Jesus.

After several years focusing on Europe, during which Dick and Becky saw great fruit from their approach to everyday evangelism, they now divide their time equally between ministry in the US and in the rest of the world.

Becky has served as Senior Advisor for Global Evangelism for the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelism, and was advisory board member for the Billy Graham Center in Wheaton, Illinois. She has received an honorary doctorate and holds a BA and MA with High Honors in English Literature from the University of Illinois, and has done advanced studies at Harvard University and the University of Barcelona, Spain. She and Dick have four adult children and one granddaughter.

"All children grow. And since all Christians are children of our heavenly Father, we must grow too. So whoever you are, and whatever stage of your journey you’re at, GROW is for you."

Becky Manley Pippert, Author